All Pixel Games

It was back in 2012 that All Pixel Games started, by the hands of Ricardo. It all began with the programming of the Dominoe game, essentially created so his father has fun in free time. Lately, the game was shared online, so everyone could also get some fun, playing absolutely for free. Today, Dominoes has more than 10.000.000 downloads on Google Play Store. The enthusiasm to create new content has grown, and progressively were developed new projects as Sueca (a classic of the playing cards) and Hard Riddle (for those who like big challenges), both also shared for free on Google Play Store. Latter, Daniela accepted the challenge to be part of All Pixel Games, and now, new games are being developed so they can be presented soon. The details related to those new projects can be followed on the All Pixel Games Blog! 

All Pixel Games still have the same objective that already had when it was created - production of educational and diversified content, available for all ages, for free or at an affordable price. 

Knowing that de player's perspective are fundamental for the improvement of the All Pixel Games content, all the opinions and suggestions are truly important. 

Play with us!